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ECSG is dedicated to designing and implementing cutting edge technology. We don’t just want to be in the game – we want to change it. We’re at the forefront of development in RFID technology that provides our clients with the visibility and functionality to control their assets and ensure the safety of their staff. Established to meet a gap in the market as a company specializing in all three mobile technologies – Wi-Fi, RTLS and RFID – ECSG solutions provide a holistic approach to asset tracking, management and staff safety.


Address: 11/162 Colin St West Perth 6005 Australia.



ECSG (Enterprise Connected Solutions Group) is Australia’s premier provider of integrated End-to-End WLAN (Wireless LAN), RTLS (Real Time Location System) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions.

RTLS Solutions

An RTLS (Real Time Location System) is a combined hardware and software system that is used to automatically identify the location of objects or people.

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RFID Solutions

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify and track objects.

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Wireless Solutions

The Wi-Fi revolution has transformed how we work, play and communicate, and is now one of the most utilized technologies in everyday life.

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ECSG enchances client profitability and safety through the design and delivery of quality solutions.

Asset Tracking

In many industries one of the key challenges is to manage an ever-increasing number of high-value assets. For any organization, the first step is knowing where their assets are located at any time. ECSG can provide the solution to this challenge with an asset tracking design specific for your business requirements.


Asset Management

As businesses consider the value of implementing an automated system to track assets through an RTLS and RFID solution, it’s obvious that it pays to know where your assets are. However, equally important is knowing how an asset is actually performing and what it is “doing”.

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Staff Safety

Ensuring the safety of all staff members is any business’ first responsibility and the advances in RTLS mean it has never been easier to locate or provide assistance to staff members in an emergency situation.If a person calls for help by activating the alert feature, the system will trigger an alert with location information to be sent to the appropriate staff members.

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Technical Consulting

ECSG’s technical consultants are subject matter experts in RTLS, RFID and Wi-Fi. We bring a wealth of experience and skill to guide you through every phase of your project, from planning and requirements definition, to implementation, support and review. ECSG’s focus is on providing business-specific solutions to meet our clients’ defined needs, not on selling technology.

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Different industries have different tracking requirements and ECSG can design a solution to suit your organisation.

Health Care

Healthcare is an industry unlike any other. For healthcare providers, efficiency is not just good fiscal practice – it’s a critical part of patient care, and the challenge of controlling costs while delivering quality care means robust asset management is absolutely essential. The benefits of RTLS for medical device tracking impact both operational efficiency and patient safety.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas is one of the most uniquely challenging environments and, as a trillion-dollar industry, also one of the biggest growing markets in the world. A major challenge is designing technical solutions that are not only capable of surviving the harsh environment, but also meet the industry’s strict safety regulations.


The tracking of assets and staff brings unique challenges in the Mining industry, with its harsh environments where safety is the number one concern. RTLS and RFID solutions bring technological answers to mobile and non-mobile asset tracking requirements. ECSG consulting brings in depth understanding of the technology and its implementation.


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